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Lesson ideas for teaching Earthquakes

Lesson plan

    Teaching about earthquakes

    It's a topic that you cover year in year out in upper Key Stage 2 - so why not add something new to your topic this year and take it in a different direction?

    Our inspired ideas on how you could use The Week Junior's article on the earthquake in Nepal and extend learning further across the curriculum come directly from the classroom written by literacy expert Lindsey Smith.

    Take a look to see the exciting ideas we have across English, maths, geography and much more.

    • Extend vocabulary with focused activities around new words found within the article
    • Incorporate comprehension into your topic work with a quick comprehension quiz
    • Choose from a series of fun writing tasks using the article as a high-quality model text
    • Explore other large earthquakes that have happened throughout history across the world
    • Look at the Richter and Mercalli scales to bring an element of maths in to your lesson

    Free to download - simply create an account to get your hands on the free download. 

    Lesson plan

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