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We have partnered up with the talented team at Plazoom to create activities to share with your pupils on a weekly basis. 

Each activity uses an article from The Week Junior magazine as a starting point for:

  • Discussion and debate
  • Writing challenges 
  • Investigations

All of the activities are perfect to send home for KS2 pupils to continue their learning remotely. 


Find out more about The Week Junior magazine

All of the articles used in these activities come from The Week Junior. This fantastic magazine, written specifically for 8-14 year olds, includes the top news stories of the week plus science and technology, animals and the environment, books, sport and much more.

You can take out a subscription for your school from just £54 to help your students:

  • Access, interpret and question the world around them
  • Improve their spoken language skills through debate and discussion
  • Develop an enjoyment of reading across the curriculum

Find out how your school could benefit from a subscription here.

The Week Junior