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Topical Tuesdays – 50p Coin

Pupil resource

    What's it all about?

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    This PDF resource includes an article about the 50p coin anniversary, as well as accompanying activity ideas perfect for learning at home or in school:

    • Discuss whether going cashless is possible in our society, or if that's a bad idea. Are electronic payments too risky to rely on completely?
    • If you were to create your own 50p, what person or event would you put on it and why? Write a persuasive article about your choice
    • AA Milne's poem ‘Halfway Down’ takes a wistful, child’s perspective of a special place. Rewrite that poem from the point of view of a child whose favourite coin is a 50p piece
    • See if you can discover other significant events that happened in 1969. Briefly describe which five you think are the most important, and why

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