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Topical Tuesdays – Monkey Behaviour

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    What's it all about?

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    This PDF resource includes an article about monkey behaviour in Asia, as well as accompanying activity ideas perfect for learning at home or in school:

    • Debate, if we could communicate with animals, whether we should? Or would that just lead to humans exploiting them even more?
    • Imagine you are a long-tailed macaque who has just discovered how to use stones to get seafood out of shells. Write an advertisement that you would use to persuade your fellow macaques to use stones too
    • Write a short funny sketch in the form of a playscript in which one macaque is trying to get his friend to use stones to crack open shells but the friend doesn’t like the idea of using this new ‘technology’
    • Research another example of animals learning a new behaviour, especially if it shows them adapting to the human world.

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