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Topical Tuesdays – Uncovering history

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    This PDF resource includes an article about archeologist Nancy Grace, as well as accompanying activity ideas perfect for learning at home or in school:

    • Archaeologists spend a lot of time and money digging up evidence from the past. We already have a pretty good idea of how people lived in the centuries before ours; do we really need to find out more or is there always something new and interesting to discover? Debate this as a class or in groups
    • Imagine you are an archaeologist 4,000 years in the future and you have just discovered the remains of the house you are living in today. Write a diary entry for the day you made your find, describing the most interesting things you unearthed.
    • Imagine that you are the woman with gum disease from 4,000 years ago. Write a funny pretend recount of going to visit your Stone Age dentist.
    • The word archaeology comes from the roots 'archae', meaning old or historic and 'ology' meaning study. Find out what these words mean the study of: campanology, dendrochronology, glottochronology, ichthyology, ufology, vexillology.

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