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Topical Tuesdays – Viking Treasure Stolen

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    This PDF resource includes an article about Viking Treasure, as well as accompanying activity ideas perfect for learning at home or in school:

    • Most detectorists are honest and report their findings, but not all. Debate whether you think it is time to ban metal detectoring unless it is being done as part of a recognised archaeological group. Or do you think detectorist should have the freedom to pursue their hobby independently?
    • Write a set of instructions detailing what you should do if your metal detector has just signalled that it has found something that could be interesting or valuable under the ground.
    • Imagine you are a detectorist who has discovered a hoard of treasure. Write a diary entry describing your day, remembering to use the first person and powerful words to describe both your find and your feelings.
    • What are the top three biggest treasure hoards ever found in the UK? Say where and when each find was made and give an outline of what was discovered.

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