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All about the ozone layer

Pupil resource

    What's it all about?

    All life on Earth is protected by a sort of shield, called the ozone layer. Many people know there is a hole in the ozone layer but do your pupils know why this is so dangerous and what caused it? In this article your pupils will discover the answers to these questions as well as what's being done to repair the damage. 

    Use this article to:

    • Discover what the ozone layer is made of and what has caused the hole to form

    • Learn about CFCs and why they are so damaging 

    • Explore how scientists discovered the hole in the 1980s and what the latest studies showed in 2016

    • Discover the potential impact of the ozone hole on our skin and eyes and what we can do to protect ourselves

    Download this FREE article to use as a starting point to teach and learn how harmful chemicals caused a hole to form in the Earth’s ozone layer.


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